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I’ve been building and shipping products across multiple roles and industries from large corporate companies, the federal government, to specialized consulting work with small shops. While I do still write code very often, I like to think of myself as a product person. Focusing on gathering and interpreting data that leads to insights and opportunities for better user experiences.

I vastly enjoy Optimization and Simulation problems. Nothing feels better than redesigning a process that saves time (and money). I also have a passion for data visualization and analytics. Telling stories through data is incredibly effective and immersive. Because of this if I can help it I like to use JavaScript, R, and Python for most solutions. I naturally lean towards Front End work, but often wear the backend hat as well when API and infrastructure work needs to be done.

I’ve spent a good many years at my current employer and enjoy my time being a member of the State Farm Family. From time to time I do consulting work, and if that’s of interest, feel free to reach out.

– Jared

Jared Musil
Jared Musil
Hacker, Hawkeye, Entrepreneur