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GPA Calculator

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Summary #

I coded this up in college because at the time, the GPA calculator that was on the registrar’s website would not let you input your existing GPA, and see how getting a good or bad grade would impact it in the following semester. It was simply a calculator for what your GPA would be this semester, not your overall GPA. As someone who changed majors, I had built up more credits than my current degree program required so taking more classes made proportionally less of a + / - impact on my GPA. To keep on top of things, I wanted to see exactly how my remaining classes would help / harm my overall GPA. This calculator was created so that I could do that.

Note that at the University of Iowa, if you managed to get an A+, the + actually counted and it was possible to get a 4.33 GPA. So this calculator is specific to only schools and universities that utilize that grading scale. I thought that was odd, but hey I don’t make the rules.

This bit of code from time to time I actually find out in the wild like these copies on Code Pen. It’s fun knowing somebody random found your code useful!


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Projects - This article is part of a series.
Part : This Article